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Q: My husband earns $55,000 and I earn $5,000. My friend told me that it’s not worth me working for that amount of money because now my husband misses out on the dependent spouse rebate, worth $5,000. Now I am totally confused. read on
Q: What are the rules with claiming car trips for tax purposes? I work at night shifts and have to drive home at 4am because there is no public transport. read on
Q: I don’t understand the means-tested Baby Bonus, is the $150,000 threshold calculated on the two parents’ wage before the woman goes on maternity leave? Or is it what their household wage would be once she’s on maternity leave? read on

Oct 22, 2008
Use Excel Budget Templates – Now is a time more than ever to write up a budget for the household. Excel has some great easy to use templates to get you started. Simply type “budget” in the Help menu. Don’t change jobs – when things get tough for a business it is usually the last person in ... (more)

We found a great accountant via accountantsRus. We were looking for a local accounting firm that had the skill and expertise in tax (both local and international) to assist us with our year end tax obligations. The accountant contacted us within 24 hours. He was a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and very well credentialled. The pricing was all quite reasonable & the service provided was what we were after.

- Annake Dippenaar, Chief Financial Officer, Gloria Jeans Coffees

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